Dr. Cheri has your back. 


At Dr. Cheri Chiropractic, we mean that both literally and figuratively. 

 "We offer compassionate, comprehensive chiropractic care. Whether you are here for five minutes or an hour and five minutes, you get what you need. People understand that and that's why they come here.     - Dr. Cheri. 



Dr. Cheri is dedicated to treating patients of all ages and levels of mobility. Patients who seek care from Dr, Cheri Chiropractic can can expect a thorough consultation and physical evaluation to uncover the underlying source of their pain, followed by an equally thorough treatment plan to restore health and reduce the incidence of re-injury.



In the medical field there is a tendency to place importance on technical and biomedical issues over establishing a connection with the patient. Dr. Cheri manages the delicate balance of the doctor-patient relationship by uniting the two, and through experience, has realized that patients reciprocate with loyalty.

By the time [new patients] leave, they are not just my patient, but a friend. I've had some patients for over 25 years."                                                      - Dr. Cheri



If you have any questions about Dr. Cheri, or would like to learn more about chiropractic care at Dr. Cheri Chiropractic, please call us at (203) 405-6505 today.